The Trump Era – What Responsible Business Leaders Can Do

What Can One Company Do? Don’t Be One Company

Hundreds of business leaders who understand the interdependence between people, planet and profit are convening in Washington DC October 22-24 for a Sustainable Business Summit.

Hosted by the American Sustainable Business Council, it is arguably the most important and timely gathering of triple bottom line business leaders, policy makers, think tanks and media since the first summit six years ago.

A Thumb on the Scales

Since taking office, the Trump administration has been tipping the competitive scales in favor of companies and industries whose strategies have one thing in common: maximizing profits by shifting costs and risks to the public and our environment.

Regulatory roll-backs, proposed cuts to the E.P.A., and proposed tax cuts are combining in ways that will fundamentally restructure the rules under which businesses operate and compete, putting responsible businesses at a disadvantage by favoring:

·     Short-term exploitation over the long-term health and safety of our children, families and communities.

·     Polluters over good environmental stewards

·     Dirty fossil fuels over clean energy

·     Crony capitalism over investment in innovation

·     Monopolistic exercising of market power over small and medium size firms  rooted in local communities

·     Widening wealth and income inequality rather than rebuilding the middle class

PatagoniaEarth Friendly Products and New Belgium Brewing Co. are just a few of the thousands of companies that are proving that it’s possible for a business to be financially successful, and socially and environmentally responsible at the same time. They continually develop innovative ways to balance and integrate all three bottom lines in ways that create value for their owners, employees, and a wider circle of stakeholders.

But no company operates or competes within a vacuum. All businesses, communities and families will be affected by the policies that the Trump administration has set into motion.

Which is why being a good business alone is not enough.

Building a Sustainable Economy = Market dynamics + Public Policy

Good rules help us tap the power of innovation while protecting the sustainability of business. Sensible regulations promote fair competition and innovation while protecting and strengthening safeguards for public health and safety. Regulations and rules should be devised with all stakeholders having a voice at the table.

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu” – Michael Enzi

Take Your Place at the Table

I’ll be joining hundreds of other business leaders from all over the country to meet at SustyBiz17 to learn what we can do as responsible business owners and active corporate citizens to help create a more vibrant, inclusive and sustainable economy. 

We’ll also be meeting with policy makers on Capitol Hill to let them know that there’s another voice of business that is based on fact-based deep thinking rather than narrow self-interest and deep pockets. Our legislators need to hear from responsible businesses that are redefining success in ways that meet the unique realities and opportunities of the 21st century.

The stakes have never been higher, and waiting it out is not an option. Join us at SustyBiz17 and help us give government the real message of “what business wants.”

Reserve your place at the table today:

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