Sandy as a Crucible Event for Board Leaders

Last week’s Hurricane Sandy should serve as a crucible event for Boards of Directors since they are ultimately responsible for risk oversight and strategy. In their HBR article, Warren G. Bennis and Robert J. Thomas define crucibles as severe tests or trials that “force leaders into deep self-reflection, where they examine their values, question theirContinue Reading

Shareholder Profit – Stakeholder Impact: Bridging the Gap

“I taught for many years at the Harvard Business School, and I’ve sort of recanted a lot of what I taught at that stage – primarily because of what I’ve learned at Whole Foods.” That revelation by Dr. Ralph Sorenson really caught my attention during a panel on “Tone at the Top – how BoardsContinue Reading

It Starts With Purpose

What is the purpose of our organization? What is our vision of what we want to become? Whose interests do we serve? How do we manage the tension between competing interests? What are our goals? What values will guide our strategy, policies and activities? What is the best strategy to accomplish our goals while stayingContinue Reading